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Friends from Podcasting New Media Expo

I returned from the Podcasting New Media Expo late last night, along side Matthew Ebel and Geoff Smith – two new buddies (plus Ed Roberts for half of the trip, also a new buddy). New friends, that’s really what new media conferences (and un-conferences) are all about. They are about meeting your fellow bloggers, podcasters, twitterers, etc. in the flesh. Social Networking is about being social. Like, BarCamp Nashville and Gnomedex, I am walking away with some new friends and I love it.

I want to post this to personally thank many of my new (and old) friends who I caught up with in Ontario (California, not Canada) this weekend. You are all awesome peeps. Thank you for making my time there incredible.

  • C.C. Chapman: You truly a gent! Thank you so much for breakfast. It was a blast finally meeting you in person man.
  • Julien Smith: It was awesome catching up with a fellow Canuck-caster. Always a good time with Julien (avec poutine or not).
  • Dan York: Dinner and drinks and awesome stories of polar bears. Great meeting you.
  • TresJefes: You dudes are totally L.A. I haven’t even watched your podcast yet (I will soon), but you’re the real thing. I’ll toast my next drink to you.
  • Elsie Escobar: I only met you briefly, but Paul and Tim had such great things to say. I am all about figuring out this downward dog thing and soon.
  • Paul Babin: The future’s what you make it man. I have high hopes for you. You’re a great dude.
  • David Jackson: Thanks for the interview and giving me a little Two Boobs and a Baby + love. I’m subscribed.
  • Ryan Irelan: Like I tweeted during your presentation, you could very well cure podfading by simplifying the painstaking bits of podcasting.
  • Terry Fallis: Speaking of Canadians I love. You’re the best man. I’m really looking forward to seeing you soon. Keep in touch.
  • Molly Berry: You’re a sweetheart. It was great meeting ya.
  • Matthew Ebel: You made the trip home 100% more enjoyable than I had planned for. Thanks so much for the company, movies and laughs. Better luck on the slots next time. See you in Nashvegas.
  • Geoff Smith: What I said for Matthew applies to you too man. I’ll see you at your bar with the Emma crew.
  • Ed Roberts: See above. From homefries to 30,000 feet. It was a real pleasure meeting you man.
  • Matthew Snodgrass: Great chatting over In N Out. Glad you could meet your distant relative.
  • Lance Anderson: Keep on representin’ L.A. podcasters. They are an amazing group of peeps. Nice meeting you man. Thanks for the drinks.
  • Tim Coyne: Improving pool side really got me in that performing mood again. What can I say buddy, it was fantastic to meet you. Best of luck with Project House. I’ll be speaking with you again soon I’m sure. You rock dude.
  • Suzette Boyette: Thanks for listening and supporting our podcast. I’m looking forward to that interview.
  • Andy Bilodeau: Stop breaking cameras :-) You rock dude. I always love seeing you and V. Catch ya soon.
  • Vivian Vasquez: Get Andy to stop breaking cameras already. :-) You rock too V. Sorry you got trapped in that Magic Kingdom for so long.
  • Betsy and Kris: I love you guys. Best of luck with everything you two do. I’ll be subscribed. Great woofing burgers with ya.
  • Sallie Goetsch: Fun dinner and a great time was had with you guys. Great badges too.
  • Stepan Mazurov: Nice chatting dude. Good luck with all of that RSS goodness.
  • Chris Brogan: What can I say man? It’s always a blast.
  • Jasper Borgman: Looking forward to checking out your show man. Lots of rock n’ roll is just what the doctor ordered.
  • Karin Hoegh: Defining to meaning to artistic license.
  • Stefan Didak: Happy snapping. Looking forward to check out your pics.
  • Jeffrey W. Sass: Nice sharing the session with you. Great meeting you.
  • Greg Cangialosi: Awesome seeing you again man, great chatting. See ya soon I’m sure.
  • Lorri Randle: You rule. It was fun watching your stuff :-) Great meeting you.
  • Laura Athavale Fitton: You rule too. You and Lorri were so much fun to hang with (and watch your stuff too). You’re a hoot, keep in touch.
  • CJ and Dan: You two are hilarious. Way to rock on. Great to finally meet you in person!

I’m SURE I’m forgetting some of you. I apologize if I did. Be sure to leave me a comment and kick my butt, or just say hi.

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