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Twitter Updates for 2007-10-01

  • @julien: brother so sorry to hear you’re stuck in Ontario. Lame dude. #
  • Here’s my little video for my twitter buddies: #
  • Hanging with @geoffsmith, @matthewebel and just said good-bye to @edroberts. We’re waiting for our flight to Nashville. #
  • Hey kids! I’m home. My clock says 11:32 pm, but I know it’s now 1:02 am. Thanks for a great trip @geoffsmith, @edroberts and @mattewebel. #
  • Thanks @danyork. I’m so happy to be home. #
  • @demca: thanks. glad you enjoyed my little movie :-) #
  • Video from the plane home. Enjoy: #
  • @matthewebel: we need help don’t we? twitterers anonymous. ok. i’m crashing. cheers. #
  • @geoffsmith: I swear I’m crashing now. Great meeting you dude. See ya soon. #
  • @mediajoltz: the audio will be available from their site – don’t know when. the video you need to buy. it was awesome meeting you by the way #
  • @mediajoltz: I had some computer issues this morning. I’m back online now. Did you see my little movie? #
  • @ccadenhead: me too. so many photos to go through! #
  • @mediajoltz: i thought you’d get a kick out of it. To any non-twitter people, they would just be scratching their heads :-) #
  • @ccadenhead: because you’re old like me :-) i’m right there with you brother. #
  • My photos from PNME: #
  • @matthewebel: man you’re WAY ahead of me. I just finished tagging and uploading my photos. #
  • If you missed @jmoonah: Radiohead’s new album is pay-what-you-want. How cool is that? #
  • @mollyberry: ouch! #
  • @pistachio: does this mean you’re "thinking" about "drinking"? #
  • PME video from the plane coming home: #

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