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Twitter Updates for 2007-09-29

  • @mediajoltz: sorry I missed your tweet. I’ll see ya @ the pool party (?) later. #
  • Back @ the hotel from dinner. Too tired to head out. See y’all tomorrow eh? The time difference is killing me, plus the 5:30 wake up today. #
  • @timcoyne: dude. I thought we’d at least hang out a bit. Sorry to hear you’re heading back to the hills. See you on House :-) #
  • @pistachio: car! who said you could bring a car! lucky kids. I’m stuck @ the hotel in no where land Ontario. #
  • Watching PodCamp Ireland and chatting with @Bryper: #
  • Oops, spoke to soon. Video feed from Ireland is down at the moment. #
  • @CalEvans: Good morning to you too. #
  • Where are all of the pics from PME on Flickr? The tag is suppose to be: newmediaexpo2007. #
  • @cc_chapman: Nice one! I’ve been itching to see some photos. See you shortly. #
  • A guy read my t-shirt and asked if I blogged. He said he was a podcaster, but he couldn’t make the event. Funny. #
  • @NickStarr: let’s hook up later man. Sorry we missed each other yesterday. #
  • @timcoyne: for sure man. DM me when you’re in the house. #
  • Tags: Please use "NewMediaExpo2007" for all tagging purposes (blog posts, Flickr, etc.) #
  • @ Keynote. digging diggnation #
  • @christinebrogan: Didn’t I see you coming out of the women’s bathroom at Spires this morning? #
  • @davidparmet: it’s a small world after all! #
  • show-less hosts unite… #
  • CC in the house! Let’s talk Second Life. #
  • I’m Dave Skosh on Second Life – but I’m still learning it. #
  • NOW! #
  • Technorati is getting dirty! #
  • Is with Uncle Seth who are heavy in to Second Life. Very cool stuff. He’s a great dude too. #
  • @cc_chapman: will you share the presentation afterwards? #
  • How about "New Internet Radio Producer"? #
  • @marcuswhitney: nice to see you’ve surfaced buddy. #
  • @marcuswhitney: yikes. that’s a whole lotta family :-) #
  • Anyone doing In N Out for lunch? #
  • Netting at the Internet bloger(?) place, loving Internet. Good bye. #
  • @vanessafox: i want to chat. you rocked @ Gnomedex. Sorry we miss you @ lunch #
  • Jason Van O is preaching the word of dynamic communities… #
  • In N Out rocked. pictures later. i forget my cord. anyone have one that fits a Canon? #
  • @mediajoltz: take care. have a safe trip home. #

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