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Twitter Updates for 2007-09-25

  • New episode of Two Boobs and a Baby + for your listening pleasure: #
  • @darylcognito 3:10 was great. I really enjoyed it. #
  • @darylcognito Although it’s no The Proposition. #
  • This is cool: #
  • anyone out there on Explorer 6.X ? #
  • These new anti-piracy ads are geting pretty crazy eh? #
  • @allenfuller: cool! shoot me an email and I can set ya up with someone. #
  • @mDave: thanks man. I just had kelly help. just checking the sidebars on my blog. #
  • Listening to Jesse and feeling very Toronto/Galway now. Homesick for both places at times. #
  • Why doesn’t every record label have a freakin’ podcast already? #
  • @bryper: safe travels buddy. #
  • Feeling sore and stiff. Chiropractor was useless this morning. I quit. Time to try acupuncture again. #
  • My new favorite music video: #
  • @darrindickey: thanks man! Ella’s really growing quickly. It’s crazy how fast they grow. :-) #
  • @billdeys: "best service" and "Canadian Tire" in the same sentence? Wow. Perhaps they’re finally turning a new leaf. #
  • Uploaded episode 45 of Two Boobs and a Baby + last night for those who may have missed my tweet: #
  • It’s pouring rain and I’m hitting the road for home. Catch ya later twitties. #

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