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Twitter Updates for 2007-09-22

  • going to bed. going to try to sleep on my back for a new start to a back/neck/shoulder pain-free existence. wish me luck. #
  • ONE FINAL PLEA: please vote me and @marcuswhitney to speak at SXSW: Last call soon. Thanks for your support. #
  • trying to get ella back to sleep…. #
  • Just woke up from a hellish night with the wee ones. very very tired. bring on the coffee! #
  • @danieljohnsonjr: great, 8 years to go then… :-) Wait, but you’re up now? Mental note: don’t buy dogs. #
  • Two cups of coffee later…the kids are glued to Mickey Mouse…time to relax a bit. #
  • @danieljohnsonjr: so there’s no hope for us then eh? :-) #

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