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Twitter Updates for 2007-09-20

  • just cleaned up some poop in the bath. arr…my pirate spirit has faded. #
  • @tommyvallier: Tragically hip. Sorry, Kingston joke. #
  • Well good night buckos. ’tis be a blast bein’ a scurvy pirate fer a day. #
  • Don’t forget to Digg my post if you dig it. #
  • @mDave: i don’t get out much :-) #
  • @chrisbrogan: sorry to hear that. #
  • @brittneyg and @jaxn: did you guys see my post about Fido? #
  • @jaxn: cool. i think it’s a great cause too. plus with the $25.00 card, it’s really only $75.00 to play, cause you know you’ll use the card #
  • @chrisbrogan: #
  • @timcoyne: sorry you’re down. Still in the middle of your latest episode…enjoying the note exchange story. #
  • @baratunde: then there’s this currency gem too: #
  • @CreativeSage: no way, that keeps things interesting. :-) #
  • Enjoying following @NickStarr ‘s adventures. Do you have a destination? Or are you just driving? #
  • Does Firefox freeze up on many of you Mac folk? It’s starting to annoy me. Any remedies? #
  • @darrindickey: cool. thanks for the medals tweet. check out the t-shirts we did for Gnomedex: #
  • @nlaspf: ya I suppose. I hate to have to do that. Not sure if I’ll lose my plug-ins. That would suck. Too much installed to lose. :-( #
  • @rexhammock: I hear ya there brother. I can’t stand people who speak loudly on cell phones sitting right next to you. Annoying. #
  • @rexhammock: speaking of cell phones. did you see my solution for dropped calls? #
  • @nlaspf: good point. I should scrap some of them to test. Cheers. #
  • @marcuswhitney: I feel reinvigorated since I launched my new blog. I think folks are digging it. Do what ya makes you feel good buddy. #
  • @sassysonya Fire? Where? I use to work up there. #
  • @kroosh: speaking of fits, my son Sam is having a major one as I type this. <sigh> #

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