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Texas Hold ’em poker for a good cause.

Yesterday I was in Fido (for the third or fourth time that day). I noticed a flier at the cash that reads: Texas Hold ’em — fido style. I’m not a card player, but I do like supporting good causes. The next line reads: A charity poker game.
Here’s the rest:

1/2 of all entry fees will be going toward a fido employee’s medical bills.
Carolyn Benedict, a Fido barista and Bongo World barista trainer has $45,000 of medical bills from recent cancer surgery/treatment. The other 1/2 will go to the charity of the winner’s choosing!

Winner also gets an engraved French Press. All players get a $25.00 Fido gift card.

Sunday, Sept. 30, 4pm – ?
(Titans bye week)
$100 entry free

The gang at Fido are all incredible people. We blogged about them on our company blog recently when they foiled an attempted laptop thief.

I’ve just learned that Carolyn is in her early 20’s and had to have some of her tongue removed because of the cancer. This is terrible for anyone to go through, but for someone so young it must be even harder. Not to mention, the $45,000 bill that now faces her is beyond a lot of money.

If you’re in the Nashville area and you like to play cards, plus you’re in to good causes, this one shouldn’t be missed.

Email: for more information.

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