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Twitter Updates for 2007-09-19

  • getting a sore throat and feeling run down. looks like the kid’s colds are contagious. #
  • going to bed before 9pm…looking forward to sleep. #
  • @mDave: what size are you? i’ll check tomorrow. #
  • Anyone know anything about this: ? #
  • @bluepaw_will: thanks man. will look into it and let my brother know. cheers #
  • Maiden voyage this scurvy pirate message #
  • Sorry folks, it’s Talk Like a Pirate day: #
  • @darrindickey: thanks man. the throat is still sore and i’m a tad bit tired, but i’m surviving. :-) #
  • I be headin’ to th’ L.A. on Thursday fer NMX or be that PNME? #
  • @mDave: I’ve got a large one left. Will that do? #
  • Not enjoyin’ this rum. wish it was another rum. #
  • @darrindickey: definitely :-) #
  • not drinking Rum! translated my use of "coke" and "coffee" to rum. damn pirates. #
  • @marcuswhitney: i could use some rum today :-) #
  • @CreativeSage: Glad ye’re enjoyin’ me tweets #
  • Now, that’s much better isn’t it? #
  • Late to Twitter today? Why am I dressed as a pirate? #
  • @JULIASPHATE: Arrr! Thanks. #
  • @sschablow Way to talk like a pirate matey. #
  • @mDave: you got it. arrr! #
  • @NickStarr: Maybe you know, how did the chicken get to the other side? #
  • @Raines: I’m guessing not this Wonderland? #
  • @sschablow: your tweet made me merry matey! :-) #
  • @darrindickey: arr, thanks. I was going to use a different image, but I decided it is too much – rated ARR!!! #
  • @raines: I push envelopes matey! What pirate ever followed the rules? Like yer get up too. #
  • @raines: looks good too :-) #
  • @fimoculous ARR!!! I believe ye shall be walking the plank… #
  • @mitchjoel: that hurts man. I got all dressed up and everything! :-) #
  • @anjibee: today it has. you can thanks Disney and Depp for this. :-) #
  • @anjibee: don’t be afraid, I’m not a real pirate :-) I hear ya sister. #
  • @tommyvallier: thanks for supporting my Disconnect Dilemma: #
  • Please help spread the word with a little Digg love. Let’s save our conversations… #
  • @marcuswhitney: NPR had some interesting views on the "marketing ploy" err, 50 Cent Kanye riff. #
  • @bluepaw_will: the first one is always weird eh? Sam was really good the first time. We just got his 4th one the other night. #
  • @mDave: thanx for the support. #
  • @marcuswhitney: interesting. at least nobody will be shot (again). #
  • @jeremywright: there’s not enough of those guys anymore. The Harbourfront LRT drivers use to be awesome when I was a kid. #
  • Come on tweeting buddies. Put your fingers where your digging mouth is (I don’t know what that meant): #
  • @jeremywright: tip him a token :-) #
  • @marcuswhitney: nice one. @bluepaw_will: #

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