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Dave’s Disconnect Dilemma solution: He who calls, returns the call.

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Has this ever happened to you (rhetorical question, of course it has)?

A friend has called you on your cell phone. You are in the middle of speaking when suddenly the line goes dead. Have you accidently hung up on your buddy? Did her big ear hit the End Call button on her phone? Who hung up on who? More importantly, how are you going to continue the conversation?

The next step after such an occurrence is usually to call them back. You get your friend’s voice mail. You leave a message asking what happened? Then you hang up. Meanwhile your phone friend is trying to call you back. She gets your voice mail (because you’re busy leaving her a message) and leaves a message asking what happened?

Finally, you both give up on calling again. You decide to wait for your pal to ring you back. She waits for you to call her back. Your conversation is now dead in the dust.

Introducing Dave’s Disconnect Dilemma solution: The person who initiated the call in the first place, the one who called you, needs to call you back. Do not attempt to call her.

Seriously, if you can share this with enough people the problem will be history. The rule is simple: He who calls, returns the call.

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