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Twitter Updates for 2007-09-18

  • Please digg it if you dug it. BarCamp Nashville that is: #
  • I’m driving to the office and then to Fido(?) for a coffee with sleepy dad. I’m very excited. I wonder how this will transcribe. #
  • At Sleepydad[?], I might be running late, traffic is terrible, see you soon. #
  • @sleepydad: i’m @ Fido. brown t-shirt and black bag and macbook… #
  • I am sleepy dad. I will be at Fido(?) in 2 minutes, sorry for being late. #
  • Having coffee with @sleepdad. He rules. #
  • If you do your best thinking in the shower, you’re probably wasting a lot of water. Or not, just a thought. #
  • @WickedGood @cspenn is a ninja. Beware of those lightening bolts! He can also make himself disappear. #
  • @Byrper: Just met with a friend who’s dad use to work for DEC in the same building as Monster. The mill. It sounds awesome. #
  • I think the State of Nebraska should sue their senator for wasting tax dollars on frivolous lawsuits. However, this is funny: http://url#
  • @darrin_dickey: I hear ya there. Those ideas are usually found at the bottom of a beer bottle. :-) #
  • @sleepdad: me too brother. My tweet earlier about transcription was referring to my twittering with #
  • @sleepydad: me too brother. My tweet earlier about transcription was referring to my twittering with #
  • @NickStarr: better get that window fixed. How’s New Orleans? #
  • Second Lifers will find this funny: . Others not so much. #
  • @aezell: Tell him to leave Star Wars alone already :-) #
  • @jwage: I think you’ll dig him: #
  • @marcuswhitney: all this podcasting talk and no mention of NMS… #
  • @OzaMeilleur: Wow. What an uplifting tweet. Makes you wish I was in Montreal too. Cest bon! #
  • @OzaMeilleur: loving the energy, merci. Now please send some Schwartz’ smoked meat pls. #
  • Just posted my first LinkedIn question: #
  • Same number of Twitter updates as my birth year. Cool. Of course, that’s about to change when I hit <UPDATE> #
  • @JULIASPHATE: care to share? love to hear more about the best Tuesday. #
  • @croncast: either way, this story disturbs me: #
  • @croncast: I recommend avoiding hand contact too. Nasty. Perhaps a sign for the bathroom is in order? Print this and post: http://urltea#
  • @OzaMeilleur: Too bad about the meat, but I understand. A Montreal institution for sure though :-) #
  • @julien: the new nano is a hard drive not flash drive correct? #
  • @cspenn: contact Julien @julien Lucky guy got his twittering to his first name. Talk about an early adopter eh? #
  • Wow, I just remembered how much the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack rocked: #
  • Sorry, did I say the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack rocked? I meant to say it "sucked". Sorry about that. #
  • @tommyvallier: really? interesting. Thanks for this. I love the flash drives. I’m not one for moving parts. #
  • @julien i’ll blame my parents then. :-) #
  • @tommyvallier: coolness. cheers. #
  • @chrisbrogan: we’ve been waiting for you. geesh, try to be more punctual :-) #
  • @cyberpr: how’s the future for music policy looking? #
  • On this date. Mr. Dressup: #
  • My brother is looking at buying this HP laptop. What do you guys think? Ya or Nay? HP Pavilion dv6444ez Notebook PC #
  • @bluepaw_will thanks for your two cents. Would you NOT buy it because of Vista? #
  • @bluepaw_will – can my un-tech savvy brother handle installing Ubuntu? @darrin_dickey: thanks for the insight. #
  • @vaspers: I love the scorpion story in the Crying Game. I can’t believe I found this clip! I love you inkerweb: 1:42 #
  • @vaspers: my pleasure. I’m still shocked I found that scene. It’s so good, two of the finest actors around today. #
  • @darrendickey: if you must. I’m sticking with Twitter. Cats be damned. #
  • @darrindickey: if you must. I’m sticking with Twitter. Cats be damned. #
  • @marcuswhitney: let’s get nms on. shoot me an email. we should talk podcamp nashville too. #

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