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Twitter Updates for 2007-09-17

  • @brittneyg: guess I’ll have to figure out who Molly Shannon and Amy Poehler are. :-) #
  • @marcuswhitney: How’s apple pie? #
  • @grovesa16: I actually quite like the pumpkin latte, but it’s Starbucks. I could buy a real pumpkin for the price of one of their drinks. #
  • @mitchjoel: great interview with @todmaffin. #
  • @marcuswhitney: just ate an apple and had a Naked Green Machine. #
  • YIKES! Somebody alert Creemore (beer) that they could lose their URL: #
  • @wickedgood: i hate when that happens. #
  • Listening to the BBC’s Celtic Heartbeat. I haven’t tuned into the BBC radio online in quite some time: #
  • Getting hungry… #
  • @grahamenglish: Curious, which sites are you u/l’d too? #
  • @grahamenglish: nice man. good luck. i’ve got a friend I’m trying to help promote online. Hey have you heard Jay’s podcast? #
  • @grahamenglish: Have a listen here: @jmoonah really knows his stuff. it’s a great podcast for indie artists. #
  • Think I need to do that eating lunch thang. #
  • @drewdomkus: So you ARE coming to PNME in Ontario eh? Wicked. I’d love to finally meet ya in the flesh. Dawn coming too? #
  • @grahamenglish: Cool. Enjoy it. Jay’s a wealth of info. You should check out his band Uncle Seth too. Cheers. #
  • @cc_chapman: honoring Canadian Thanksgiving perhaps? Or is that "honouring"? #
  • @WickedGood: must be the lead paint. Too soon? :-) #
  • I’m liking the new look of Still functioning fine for me too. I love being able to access my music @ home from the office. #
  • We love you if you’re a subscriber (we probably love ya either way), but subscribing helps: – THANKS! #
  • @ccadenhead: do you have iTunes? it was a link to subscribe in iTunes. You can also try this: . Thanks again! #
  • Ha! @guykawasaki finally took the Twitter plunge. Good to see you. I guess us Gnomedexers talked you into it eh? Cheers. #
  • @bryper: and for those who aren’t? :-) #
  • @creativesage: yes, but you have to keep your conversations to 140 characters or less :-) #
  • @topgold: thanks for making me hungry. #
  • @ccadenhead: if you’re already subscribing we love you even more. :-) More episodes coming soon. Summer is over, time to do some podcasting! #
  • Happy to hear the boys at Canadian Podcast Buffet are back in action. #
  • @creativesage: True that sister :-) I’m looking forward to a Twitter meet up somewhere soon. #
  • @britter: What happened? You had such a production morning too! #
  • @britter: nevermind, I need to learn to read. #
  • @britter: oh, and write too. #
  • @ccadenhead: hope this helps clear things up: #
  • @aezell: i use that too actually. don’t ask me why i use both. send me a share invite for Simplify if you like. I’ll do the same tonight. #
  • @kenekaplan: here to join the conversation… #
  • Don’t be a douche: Jack Black has something important to tell you. #
  • @mDave: Apple doesn’t really care. Sorry, I’m not much help eh? #
  • @bryper: i was just playing. :-) #
  • @mDave: I got it for Heather’s nano. We haven’t needed it yet. I wish I’d bought it for my 3g 20 gig ipod. Sure could use a new one. #

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