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Twitter Updates for 2007-09-15

  • I’m growing very tired of my spastic 10 month old. Who really wants to play @ 3am? #
  • @aidanf: greetings Galway #
  • @atxryan @ireland Good morning #
  • Just played a mean game of catch with a 10 month old. #
  • Enjoying the early morning live view of Eire Square in Galway: I miss Ireland. #
  • Enjoying a random Flickr slideshow of Galway (for the most part) #
  • Unpacking our house. Boxes being moved from the garage to the attic. It’s taken a few months, but we’re actually doing it! #
  • @sleepydad: thanx for your support. being a dad ain’t always easy eh? #
  • Watching the Florida Tennessee game. My money’s on Colorado. #
  • @nlaspf: oh dude…I really really feel for you. Take it easy, don’t over due it Nico! Those pains will last forever if you’re not careful. #
  • @vanessafox: depends on how many of my in-laws are visiting. Of course, they’re all out and they forget their phones at our house. #
  • Have you guys seen this? It’s freakin’ hilarious and VERY well done. #
  • What’s the best P2P for MP3s these days? #
  • @newscoma: glad you enjoyed it. it’s very well done. #
  • @nlaspf: careful what you wish for, chairs with wheels… :-) seriously, take care of that back dude. Hey did you get those 10 Q’s back? #
  • @newscoma: cheers. Go Colorado!!! #
  • @TimothyPilgrim: can’t lose with a classic eh? #
  • @TimothyPilgrim: Mac. #
  • @sleepydad: I hear ya there. I’m very sleepy today. #
  • @nlaspf: cool. just wanted to be sure. #

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