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Twitter Updates for 2007-09-14

  • Recovering from the Emma talent night. Impressed with the musical abilities of my friends @ Emma. #
  • Flickr is sllllooooooowwwwwww :-( #
  • Chiropractors suck. After insurance. 1 visit = $35 X 3 visit/week = $105 X 4 weeks = $420 a month that I don’t have. #
  • @aezell: I dig smugshot, trouble is I shell out coin for a Flickr pro account… #
  • @aezell: i mean, smugmug #
  • Dude, it’s time to get a Dell…necklace? #
  • Umm. Dell desk clocks? Are they serious? Don’t Dells come with a functioning clock anymore? #
  • @aezell: I’ll keep it in mind when it’s renewal time. Watch out Flickr! #
  • @tommyvallier: wow, schwanky crystals. I’m partial for tech companies to give tech things. Call me crazy #
  • @sschablow: god, that can’t be fun. we’re thinking of ya. hope all is well. #
  • @lcreekmo: this will make you feel better: #
  • @21c: done. #
  • @marcuswhitney @mitchjoel: have a listen: Thanks @mdave #
  • @lcreekmo: glad to help wipe those tears away :-) #
  • Don’t get discouraged, just get it going: Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age: #
  • @cc_chapman: your most recent MTG episode is very very good. #
  • Anyone use Brinkster for a host? #
  • Thanks @mDave: I’m about to be a former customer too. #
  • 03:07 pm CST and my Brinkster site is down…customer service says it will be back as soon as possible… #
  • @mDave: I’m really happy with for my new blog. Really nice guys too. The phoned to make sure I was happy. TELEPHONED! #
  • 3:18 pm – my site is still down. #
  • @aexell: I use the built-in mic on our T-30 iRiver. We’re not fancy. @mDave might be able to help too. Same with Gray. #
  • 3:28pm – site still down. #
  • @mDave: it sounded great. #
  • 4:10 pm: my site’s back up: Brinkster down time wasn’t too long. I’ll stick with them. #
  • PROBLEM: I keep starting blog comments with "@". Am I twittering too much? Anyone else doing this? #
  • Lover Boy is being played @ work. As a Canadian, I’m uncomfortable with this. #
  • Is Montreal crumbling? The Bleury overpass today, the Bay and Metro stn downtown a week or so ago… @mitchjoel @julien : what’s happening? #
  • New post on Two Boobs and a Baby + #
  • @croncast: same eh? good for you. I can’t help but start everything with "@", then have to delete it. Funny. #
  • @TimothyPilgrim: that tweet could be interpreted so many ways. #
  • @allenfuller: wow, thanks so much for the kind words. we love doing the podcast. #
  • @nlaspf: Failure? I said, don’t get discouraged, just do more stuff. You’re doing very well my friend. Your creations are all over the place #
  • @nlaspf: did you ever send back the 10 q’s? #
  • Shutting down, hitting the road, getting the kids to bed, and cracking the vino with the woman of my dreams. #

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