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Twitter Updates for 2007-09-13

  • Hitting Fido for some fuel… #
  • motivation level low. can’t shake this feeling. #
  • @aezell: sorry to hear it dude. don’t know what it is. maybe i’m just tired. #
  • @britter: good to see ya, sorry you’re in a slump too. i think i need to unplug for a while. #
  • @connieblogger: that’s exciting. it’s so cool to introduce people to social networking tools. let us know how it goes. how old r they? #
  • @connieblogger: good grief :-) I’m 104, I’m not embarrassed :-) #
  • Ran into Jack White from the White Stripes last night after seeing Gordon Lightfoot in Nashville. Music City USA – damn right. #
  • Isn’t Twitter? #
  • ya, but the CN Tower is so much more sexy: #
  • @chrisbrogan: you’re lovely just the way you are. don’t go changing a thing brother. #
  • What are your thoughts about my new blog? Positive and Negative welcome pls: #
  • @tommyvallier: pretty much the same. just curious. #
  • @jeremywright: advantage = living in Toronto. #
  • @jeremywright: I had to fly from Memphis to Toronto, rent a van, and drive my friends and brother to my own wedding in Memphis. Funny. #
  • @jeremywright: T DOT here is the Tennessee Department of Transportation. T DOT @ home is Toronto. Funny too eh? #
  • Damn you @julien. Now you all can damn me too: #
  • @connieblogger : is this thing still on? does anyone have a dunce cap on yet? #
  • @aezell: I get it, but why restrict your group to just colleagues. I donno. I would set up a work account on Twitter if I wanted to do that. #
  • Find me on Last FM: #
  • If you start a tweet with "JOIN" you get this error message: We’re sorry. That event doesn’t seem to be taking place. Maybe you misspell … #
  • If you start with JOIN you get this: We’re sorry. That event doesn’t seem to be taking place. Maybe you misspelled it? Send JOIN event to… #
  • @aezell: i believe you have it right sir. strange eh? you ready to get to the talents? #

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