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A few thoughts about the Tennessee Performing Arts Center

I was lucky enough to catch Gordon Lightfoot last night at the Tennessee Center for Performing Arts Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC). He was amazing as always, though his voice isn’t what it use to be. That’s just age though, we all get a little shakier as we get older – he’s still a god.

I have a few thoughts about my first experience at TPAC.

  • If you’re going to stick people in nose bleed seats for smaller acoustic shows, you better install a video screen so we can see the act. Especially for shows that draw older crowds who’s eyes may not be as sharp as they use to be.
  • How about some amplification? The sound levels were way too low, not to mention Gordon’s mic cracked a bit at the start of the show. I believe it wasn’t even on when he first approached it. If you’re going to grace us with brilliance, you best be ready to support (and respect) them.
  • You should create a hecklers will be shot policy :-) Of course, maybe this is just for Gordon Lightfoot shows. It doesn’t matter where I see him, there’s always some idiots yelling requests (and worse yet, singing along).
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