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Twitter Updates for 2007-09-11

  • @topgold: nice one. was that at the Spar or Valumart? #
  • I once had to upload an episode of Two Boobs and a Baby + from a bathroom in a coffee shop, because it was the only power source. #
  • @marcuswhitney: how is it? is grandcentral cool? #
  • Need to clean the house tonight. Need to go to bed more urgent. #
  • BCN hope to see you BarCamp Nashville peeps tomorrow night. See the Facebook group for details. #
  • Dave out. Zzzzzzzzz… #
  • @andycaster: nope. #
  • Left my Chucks outside of the door over night. They were filled with water this morning and a spider had made the right one home. :-( #
  • @darylcognito: say what? #
  • Voting day in Nashville, but I can’t cause I’m a stinkin’ Canadian :-( #
  • Have you voted? #
  • @darylcognito: Ohhhh…that’s makes more sense. :-) And ya, damn straight. #
  • @tommyvallier: thanks for reminding me. I’m not sure if I can vote for that or not, probably not now. Just national elections now. #
  • @tommyvallier: wow. i’m surprised I haven’t heard. I listen to the CBC daily in podcast form. #
  • @chrisbrogan. I just hit the "seem like robots?" link from Julien Smith’s post about Apple Brainwashing: Funny. #
  • Going for Indian Buffet lunch, yam yam. (from #
  • @jabancroft meet @andycaster, @andycaster meet @jabancroft. I still have a while before my kids enter the school system. Good luck today. #
  • @atmos: Thanks. I’ve been there once before and it was great. #
  • Wow. Brittney Gilbert’s moving to San Fran! #
  • Gordon Lightfoot tomorrow night in Nashville. So excited. #
  • @brittneyg: congrats on the new gig! we’ll miss ya. #
  • Listening to Dick Gaughan. Have I mentioned that he’s god today? He is you know. You should check him out. #
  • @TimothyPilgrim: will send him your best. :-) #
  • @brittneyg: I’d love a good excuse to visit San Fran, and I’m not sure what Jello Biafra is up to these days. Cheers. #
  • @cc_chapman and @cspeen: isn’t that how the Republicans already operate? #
  • @cc_chapman: I hear ya brother. I wish I could vote. I pay my taxes just like the next guy. Taxation without representation. :-( #
  • slipping off twitter for a bit. catch ya later. #
  • @andycaster: did he look like this? #
  • Good luck @Scobleizer! #
  • bcn @mdave: Marcus and I will be there for sure. #
  • @baratunde: happy b’day #
  • Listening to the Alternative Tentacles BatCast podcast #
  • Does AT&T really need to rebrand again? #
  • @jaxn: what @marcuswhitney said. I second that! #
  • @timcoyne: wow, was it Crocket or Tubbs? #
  • Are we friends on LastFM? We should be: #
  • @davidparmet. Nice one. Thanks for the friending. As memory serves me, you dig that old skool punk rawk too. Wet met @ a CanWest lunch. #
  • @akula: see you soon. stay in touch. #
  • Hanging with my buddy Marcus. Looking forward to meeting up with the BarCamp folks tonight. #

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