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Twitter Updates for 2007-09-10

  • @tommyvallier: thanx buddy. i haven’t logged in in a while. #
  • @jonarnold: I’m not sure. be sure everything is correct, username, password, etc. It’s working to WordPress for me now too! Sweet! #
  • Watching the end of Law and Order and asking myself, why am I watching the end of Law and Order? #
  • Wow! I’m amazed that Law & Order on Bravo in the states actually starts the next episode during the credits of the previous episode. #
  • I hope to see you guys at the Podcasting New Media Expo. Let me know if you’ll be there. #
  • @mitchjoel: so good to see musician’s getting hip to Twitter. Way to go @davidusher. #
  • I am loving the use of Jott with Twitter. Will have to play again on my way in to work tomorrow. #
  • Someone needs to teach record labels about podcasting. Will it have to be me? #
  • Have I mentioned today how much I love Bonnie "Prince" Billy? #
  • Feeling guilty for the electricity I’ve wasted tonight with the Television on, but on mute and completely in the background. #
  • @cyberpr: I hate Jamie Foxx. I’ve never seen a guy so full of himself. Check any tape of him with Oprah…I feel embarrassed for him! #
  • @marcuswhitney: I hear ya man. If only artists knew how to properly promote themselves. I’m off to bed. Peace. #
  • Driving to work, listening to Julian Smith in over your head Podcast. (from #
  • I’m laughing, I’m on twitter, I’m actually in my car speaking in my phone on jott and I’m loving it, if this i… (from #
  • @connieblogger: Apparently libraries DO have borders in Toronto – the Government. #
  • @andycaster: Good luck today! My best to V too. #
  • @joarnold: glad to see you got jott working. Cheers. #
  • Finally! There IS a way: #
  • @andycaster: my pleasure. it’s pretty damn sweet! #
  • @darylcognito: ya, it’s pretty funny eh. who could get a cat in a bag like that without losing an eye eh? #
  • Gotta feed myself and check the feeds. #
  • @croncast: what’s 9 – 5? You mean like this? #
  • @NickStarr: happy b’day #
  • @aezell: you’re a rock star dude! #
  • unplugging for caffeine… #
  • Maybe I’ll call in a tweet on my way… #
  • Instant Jott (from #
  • Walking down 21st tofido(?). (from #
  • Walking fast shells station on my way to […] (from #
  • @cyberpr: still looking for children friendly music…lemme know if you know any. hope all is well. #
  • Anyone know how to sync iGTD with Basecamp (Project Path)? thanks. #
  • @aezell: ya geeky eh? good times my friend, good times. #
  • Question for podcasters: Strangest place you uploaded a new episode? #
  • @neilgorman: is @chrisbrogan the starfish or the spider? #
  • @aezell: waiting on my Grand Central invite…<sigh> #
  • Listening to Mitch Jewel(?) and wondering who is going to […] and RSS feed for face book groups. (from #

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