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Record a message on your phone and send it to Twitter or your blog

If you’re following my Twitter tweets, you’ll know I’ve been talking about a service that allegedly allows you to post directly to Twitter from Jott. Well, as it turns out you can do this directly from Jott, plus tweet a blog post using WordPress (or most blogging software). Thanks to Tommy Vallier for enlightening me. I haven’t actually logged into the Jott website in ages, I have had no real reason too, that is until now.

I have been preaching about for some time now. I think I’ve talked about Jott more than most social networking tools. I know I rambled about it in audio comments on Managing the Gray and on Six Pixels of Separation, not to mentioned during Podcasters Across Borders.

If you don’t know, Jott is a free telephone service that will transcribe a voice message directly in your email (plus include a link to hear the audio). I use it most in my car as I listen to my favorite podcasts. Whenever I hear of a new service, or if I get an idea, I call myself and record it. When I get to the office my thoughts are all safely saved in my Gmail inbox.

What is super super super (yes, three times) cool is that now you can Jott a message which will then be transcribed in your Twitter account (keep your message brief of course). I’ve also configured Jott to post directly to this blog. You’ll see the test post here.

Life is getting easier.

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