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Stuck at a Starbucks drive-thru

I love Twitter. If you’re not on there yet you really need to be. Visit and set up a free account, then “friend” me at Twitter is a micro-blogging platform, it’s a way to make friends and keep in touch with people through quick 140 character (or less) posts (AKA “tweets”). You can read up more about Twitter here:

Today I was in the drive-thru at Starbucks. I just posted about living in the “burbs”, I had no other choice. I usually support the independents in Nashville like Fido and Cafe Coco, but near home there’s no other options. Starbucks is known for their customer service, you really should be getting something back for the high prices on their drinks after all.

The drive-thru was taking forever, when it was my turn to order I ordered Heather a small coffee with double cream and two sugars (a “double-double” in Canada, why can’t the Americans pick up this word?). I ordered a large double-double coffee. Yes, we used their lingo: A small and a grande, or whatever they make us say.

I paid at the window like a good consumer and the window closed abruptly in my face (as all drive-thrus do). When the window opened again, the young barista (their word not mine) handed me a small coffee. I sat it in the cup holder and waited for the large one. Suddenly the window opened again, and the Starbucker (my word) asked if that’s all. I explained that I still needed my large coffee. He apologized and the window closed. I waited a good three of four minutes, which is an eternity when you have eight cars waiting behind you. You have to love the patience of people in the south, this never would have flown in Toronto.

The young guy finally returned and handed me another drink. He told me to enjoy my Vanilla bean lattes. I told him he had made a mistake, but I settled on the new beverages since he was clearly having a rough day. I concluded that it was training day at that location. Then I thought about Twitter.

We’re not to far away from all being connected via our mobile devices. What I mean is that I will be able to post a message on my cell phone to Twitter (or a similar service) to announce that the Starbucks at a certain location is in training mode and to avoid it at all costs. Had I been sent that message before I trapped myself in the drive-thru line I would have headed home to brew my own cup of joe.

The power of social media is among us already, as it becomes more and more common it’s going to be an incredible experience for customers, and it’s only going to better service for us.

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