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Hardware horror stories. Home Depot, Lowes or your ma and pa?

I’m going to go ahead and accept the fact that I am now a suburban dad, I never thought I’d see the day. The first year or so of parenting began in downtown Toronto, but we are now in the “burbs” just outside of Nashville. A big part of having to live in suburbia is swallowing my pride and shopping at big chain stores. I have always supported ma and pa shops, so it pains me to have to deal with the cookie cutters.

Today I was annoyed with Home Depot. I typically shop at Lowes, we have both stores near us, but I tend to find Lowes a better experience altogether. For a Saturday afternoon I have to say that Home Depot was pretty quiet, perhaps the locals are starting to agree with my thinking on Lowes. I had no choice but to go to Home Depot, because I was there to return an item. The return was pretty quick and painless, but the rest of the story isn’t.

Sam and I had to stop and ask an employee where an item was. He stopped talking with his colleague and pointed us in the right direction. At Lowes he would have walked me over to the shelf to be sure I found what I was looking for. I’m not that desperate yet, so I didn’t think much of it. When I found the item and was finally checking out at the cashier I noted her incorrect price. The item was a pair of gardening gloves (see the first sentence of this post before you judge me). The price on the shelf was $5.99, but she charged me $9.99. I corrected her, but she had already charged my card. She asked if I was sure, so Sam and I walked back to the aisle to double check the price. I was right.

The cashier didn’t go and check the shelf, she couldn’t be bothered. I didn’t care about this, because it’s Home Depot who loses money if I’m lying not me. What really annoyed me was that she would not refund the money to me, she directed me back to customer service where I had to wait in line. The refund woman had to find a manager to okay my refund. All of this without an apology for the inconvenience. I’m going to stick with Lowes from now on. Home Depot had their chance to gain a new customer and they lost.

Do you have any hardware horror stories? Who do you prefer: Home Depot, Lowes, ma and pa? I’d love to hear.

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