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Twitter Updates for 2007-09-07

  • Turning in for the night. Peace oot Twits. :-) #
  • @CaliLewis: Hey good to see ya in Twitterland. I’m just turning in but thought I’d say hey. HEY! #
  • @cc_chapman: Have fun in Philly! Wish I could be there too. Send em’ my best pls. #
  • @mitchjoel: does that mean I have to retract my friendship until you reach 999? #
  • Just caught a glimpse of that new black fat Twitter cat on a page refresh, refreshed again and it was gone. Yikes. #
  • Spent a couple of hours tonight raking what’s left of my lawn. 6 large bags of leaves later. #
  • didn’t I just say I was turning in? #
  • Ok, I’m rambling now aren’t I? #
  • Alright, seriously. Good night folks. #
  • @jafeejuice: I’m all about the Today Show. Bring it on :-) Sadly, I didn’t record the Sprint woman. I should have she was very short with me #
  • @marcuwhitney: stop loitering in parking lots. you have more important things to be doing :-) #
  • @marcuswhitney: stop loitering in parking lots. you have more important things to be doing :-) #
  • @aezell: i finally did go to bed. after a mad raking session on (what’s left of) my front lawn. #
  • Working on my new personal blog, which will act as THE place to find me. It will aggregate everything I do. #
  • Just talking about Local Hero? Seen it? Awesome move. #
  • @aezell: great film, rent it this weekend. We were actually talking about Knopfler, that’s what made me think of the film. #
  • @cc_chapman: please give Mark a nudge from me. Seriously, say hello please. Wish I could be there. #
  • grabbing some lunch #
  • @newscoma: it was always the tea-cups @ Disney that killed me. #
  • @julien: spam? you talking about Quechup? #
  • @baratunde : just read your blog post dude. i’m so sorry for your loss. that truly sucks. #
  • @mitchjoel: Blast closes Highway 15 south in Montreal: Highway 15 southbound in Montreal was closed Friday: #
  • @mitchjoel: I got that news headline from CBC – from my Twitter feed. Power of new media you asked? #
  • @cc_chapman: did you poke Mark Blevis for me? #
  • @jabancroft: you just made my day! Tweets from Jott??? Are you serious. SWEET! I love jott. #
  • I’m really intrigued here. Lovin’ this – Jott to Twitter: Now to test myself… #
  • Hmrf. Tried registering with my email addy for this Jott to Twitter service, but ended up with: Proxy Error… #

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