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My Linked In Challenge : 14XRS begins tomorrow

How many silly tweets or pointless Facebook applications do you add a day? If you’re like me, probably a lot. Recently, a friend asked me to write a recommendation for him on LinkedIn. I’m a big fan of the business networking service, but until recently, I haven’t taken much time in recommending my friends and business associates. That is until now.

I am shooting out a challenge to you to join me in the 14 day Recommendation Session, or 14XRS.

14XRS means you have to write one recommendation for one of your LinkedIn connections per day for 14 days. You can’t miss a day. Of course, feel free to recommend more than one person a day if you like. Do something nice each day.

Are you up for the challenge? 14XRS begins tomorrow, Monday August 6.
Now go recommend a friend, it’s a nice thing to do ya know.


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