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MySpace sexy girls from China. Or, damn MySpace spam!

You know those friend invites you receive in your MySpace account that are always from good looking women in China? I take it I’m not the only one getting these right? Well, the spam is starting to really annoy me.

I came up with an idea that would help save MySpace users time when logging into their accounts and reading the friend requests, only to end up marking them as spam and deleting them. Total time waster.

Here’s the message I sent them. I’ll keep you in the loop when/if I get a reply.

Hi MySpace:
I have a group created to help promote and network for our BarCamp Nashville event. I am continuously getting spammed by “friend” invitations by women in China (or that’s where they claim). Clearly, they have no interest in this event.

Is there anyway to have a snip of the message and location included in the automatic friend request emails? This would help people determine whether they are spam or not. I know this doesn’t help the clutter in MySpace user in boxes, but at least it saves us having to log in each time only to Mark As Spam, delete and then log out.

Just a suggestion.

BarCamp Nashville, August 18th, 12pm – 12am at the Exit/In, Nashville, TN.


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