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An open letter to Comcast On Demand

Dear Comcast On Demand:

Every time I turn on my TV’s On Demand I am startled by the loud, annoying music you use. You know the music I’m talking about. It’s not only slightly aggressive, but also way too repetitive. By repetitive, I mean it’s the only music you use. Perhaps something a little more mellow, or perhaps (even better) no music at all. When the On Demand screen appears, I know I’m using On Demand, I don’t need the music to remind me, oh, and kind of scare my children too. I love the On Demand service, having quick access to Thomas the Train is essential in my home. I just don’t like freaking out my kids every time I flick the switch (err, hit the button).

What do you say Comcast? Will you take care of this little matter for me? I’d really appreciate it.

Dave Delaney


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