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Spongebob No Pants

Have you seen the Burger King commercial where a man rises out of a tub of suds to crack a Spongebob Squarepants joke to his wife? Either had I.

Today I was reading the latest on AdAge when I came across the story. Apparently a group of people lead by a Rev. Wildmon have started a ruckus over the nudity in the ad. I should note, there is no nudity in the spot.

Now go ahead and watch the commercial and decide for yourself.

I’m starting to think that the Reverend works for the ad agency who came up with the spot. Think about it. What a brilliant way to make your commercial go viral (note the YouTube video above). All you need is a spokesperson against the product or advertisement.

A Google Blog search found the ad has been talked about all over the web.

So what do you think? A grand conspiracy, or are people actual lame enough to actually find the ad offensive?


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