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April Fools

My father in-law freaked me out yesterday morning, April Fool’s Day. He and my wife concocted a scheme to make me think our car had been stolen. The joke went off well, I was startled for a few minutes. I had been had. So, I decided to seek revenge on him. He is in the steel business, so I decided I would hit him where it “could” hurt.

He still uses Internet Explorer as his browser, his homepage is I took a screen capture of the page and Photochopped the News section. I redirected Explorer’s homepage to open the image instead.

It was hilarious when he read the Breaking News headlines. I watched quietly laughing as he leaned in closer to the screen to read the rest of the shocking news story. Here’s the capture I created:

I linked the entire image to a random April Fool’s image I found on Google Images.

A lesson was learned…don’t mess with a New Media guy on April Fool’s Day!


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