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Aqua Team Hunger Force

If you haven’t heard of Aqua Team Hunger Force or Adult Swim you probably have by now. That’s because of the marketing ploy that the Cartoon Network used, planting suspect devices through many major US cities.

It begs the question whether this was a stupid idea, or so calculated that Interference Inc. (the firm responsible) knew exactly what they were getting themselves into. From the press conference you would think they did.

The Washington Post summed up the initiative well:

In one sweeping and inexpensive maneuver, Aqua Teen Hunger Force jumped to the top of search engines, blogs and news aggregators, in addition to garnering coverage from just about every major media source. Millions of people, who probably thought Adult Swim meant skinny dipping, may now tune into the Cartoon Network just to see what all the fuss is about. Compared to the estimated $2.6 million it will cost for thirty seconds of publicity during Sunday’s Super Bowl, this phony bomb scare certainly got a lot more bang for the buck!



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