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Dave’s million dollar T-shirt idea

It pains me to see teenagers walking around with old/new band tour t-shirts like The Allman Brothers. When I would buy t-shirts from shows it would be as a souvenir from the show. Today it’s trendy to buy t-shirts for concerts you’ve never been to, for bands that broke up before you were born. Of course trends change.

There is a transmitter you can buy for an iPod called an iTrip. The iTrip brodcasts the music to your FM radio; then it plays your music over it’s airwaves. The Zune can actually send the MP3 file to another Zune player, so you can share the music with your pals (temporarily as the file goes bye-bye after a few plays without purchase).

Here’s my BIG idea.
We create a small transmitter to plug into any MP3 player that will send the files ID3 tag information, for example the artist name and name of the song, directly to your t-shirt!

Picture a scrolling LED light like the one below:

Now imagine the light you see built right into your t-shirt or other piece of clothing. You’re walking down the street as you’re listening to “God Save the Queen” by the Sex Pistols. As you’re listening to the song, “Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen” scrolls across your chest.
A tweak could possibly include the album cover art like most MP3s in iTunes.

Strangers walking passed you would nod in approval or turn away in horror. Either way you’d know who your friends (and enemies) are straight away.

So what do you think? Crack pot idea or pure genius? Should I have used Country Music as an example instead?

Who wants to finance it? We’ll be millionaires.



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