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Super Bowl

Super Bowl fever begins with Rassi Interactive. The advertising company has created a site where consumers can score the Super Bowl ads in their Ad Bowl. This is a great idea to increase site traffic and raise user interaction. Plus, visitors will return to see how their votes counted.

It’s exciting to be in the States this year, so I can actually see the ads as they air. Although, realistically, I’ll probably watch them online again anyway.

Last year was very clever. They created loads of buzz online about an ad that was too hot for the Super Bowl. If you recall, the previous year they used this spot.

Last year the word was that the spot they had created was banned from airing during the Super Bowl. GoDaddy used this ban to their advantage and invited people to visit their web site to view the ad during the Super Bowl.

Web traffic increased hugely, plus they didn’t have to cough up millions of dollars for a :30 second spot during the Super Bowl. Very clever indeed!


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