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Choose your own iPod adventure

I don’t leave home without my new 4 gig iPod nano. Don’t get me started about the early* demise of my 20 gig 3G iPod. Sigh, how I miss that 20 gigs of storage.

I wasn’t a huge reader as a child, but I remember taking to the Choose Your Own Adventure series. These books spoke to me, because I was the master of my own destiny. I was a creative kid, so having the ability to choose where the book would take me was refreshing.

The good people at Choose Your Own Adventure have finally brought the iPod together with their books.

Check out the first MP3 version of the series. The classic The Adominable Snowman is now available for download!

* Apple Store guy said that I was lucky to get 3 years out of my 20 gig 3G iPod. I had replaced the battery once myself too. He said that the average life of an iPod is 2 years. Hmrf!


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