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Digital Nashville

A bit of a backgrounder. My wife is from Tennessee. She and I met in 1998 in Galway, Ireland. We moved from Ireland to my home town, Toronto, Canada in 2001. We lived together there where I worked in marketing for some incredible companies including: Mirvish Productions, the largest Canadian theater production company; the Toronto Star, Canada’s most read newspaper; and Global Television, the second largest television network in Canada.

In the last year we have had two children, yes two! Ella and Sam are the most incredible kids you could ever find; we couldn’t be happier. However, the price of having two kids in 11.5 months, can be taxing when you’re my wife, stuck at home alone all day with them. Add to the fact that we were renting an apartment in Toronto, because the cost of homes (especially on a single income) were astronomical.

Alas, we decided to pack up shop and move south to Tennessee. My wife’s family are here, and she has an instant network of friends who are fellow moms, something we didn’t really have in Toronto. Most of my friends are either single or dating.

We’re now here in Tennessee. Nashville is an incredible city; the people are awesome, and the city is clean and vibrant.

In fact, Nashville has been selected as the 5th most digital cities in the 2006 Digital Cities Survey. This is exciting for me, because it’s a clear indicator that Nashville is the place to be for new media. I’m thrilled to be here and I’m looking forward to discovering all that is in-store for me in Music City USA.


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